FoxFilter Help

We have provided some basic instructions and tips for how to use FoxFilter below. We will continue to enhance these instructions regularly. Always feel free to reach out to use at with any other questions.

How Do I Use FoxFilter?

FoxFilter is designed with features that help block web pages that you don't want to see or your family to see.

Once FoxFilter is installed, you can right-click on any web page and select "FoxFilter Settings" at any time to adjust your fitering preferences.

With FoxFilter installed, it will examine the content of the web page being requested. If any content is detected which does not agree with your personalized filtering rules, FoxFilter will hide the page and display an alert screen. Sometimes, pages may be blocked that shouldn't, but you can add the domain to your list of trusted sites so that FoxFilter will no longer block pages on that site.

Is My Privacy Protected?

For your privacy, FoxFilter does NOT maintain a history of the pages you have visited or that have been blocked. Please refer to our privacy policy on how we value your privacy: View Privacy Policy

Customizing & Managing Your Settings

The Settings screen offers a variety of ways to personalize your filtering preferences. FoxFilter offers the ability to manage a list of keywords that you want to use for blocking content. You can also manage a list of trusted sites (aka whitelist). If you prefer, you can change the mode in Settings to Whitelist Mode, which will only allow access to the sites you specify. Most customers use the filtering mode for greater flexibility, but the whitelist mode is available if you prefer to use that feature.

If you have a subscription that is shared across multiple devices or computers, you changes will be applied to each within 15 minutes of saving your changes.

Need More Help?

If you have questions or comments, please contact us at