Content filtering for the world wide web.

The content filter for Mozilla Firefox, Firefox for Android, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge.
FOXFILTER is an effective content filter that helps block inappropriate content.
Referred to by many as "THE Parental Control for Firefox"!


FoxFilter is a browser add-on/extension for Firefox, Firefox for Android, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge that is designed to provide filtered access to the world wide web. FoxFilter helps block inappropriate content and any other user-defined content by allowing you to fully customize your filtering preferences and sensitivity settings.

Out of the box, FoxFilter provides pre-defined filtering for inappropriate content, but you can easily adjust the settings for content that you like or dislike to customize your experience using your own filtering preferences. FoxFilter is a great content filter solution for your household, office, library or classroom.

Feature Highlights:

  • Reliable content filtering, based on customizable rules
  • Pre-defined filtering rules for inappropriate content
  • Mode selection (blocking rules or white list)
  • Sensitivity settings
  • Alert settings to control how much detail is provided about blocked content (protect innocent eyes)
  • Ability to add custom filtering keywords/sites
  • Ability to add sites to the list of blocked sites or trusted sites
  • Password protection



FoxFilter puts you in control of the content that you want to see while browsing the web.


FoxFilter provides secure, anywhere access to your preferences. You can also view and manage your FoxFilter preferences for all of your computers or computer accounts from any Internet-connected computer or device with FoxFilter installed.


In addition to providing secure, anywhere access to your preferences, you can also password-protect your settings to help prevent FoxFilter from being uninstalled.


Free email support is always available. We provide prompt, friendly support.


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